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Where charcoal is used

    Nowadays there is an increasing demand for the use of eco-friendly materials. Manufactured of natural product, in our case it’s wood, charcoal is mainly used for cooking. Food cooked on charcoal receives energy from our mother nature.  That’s the way our ancestors were preparing their meals. Managed correctly, charcoal as a cooking fuel can be an environmentally sustainable and inexpensive fuel to complement your everyday cooking.

    Charcoal is used as a domestic fuel for cooking and heating.

    Charcoal is widely used when cooking on barbecues and hospers.  As you know cooking in hospers is the method of cooking, when the food is prepeared at high temperatures which can reach even 500degrees.

    You can enjoy the taste of food cooked on barbecue not only in the restaurant, but also at home. It is the best way of cooking and spending time with your family or friends.

It’s advantages : produces less smoke while burning, requires no preparation before use, can be easily stored and reused when left over after cooking.

     Our charcoal can be packed in paper bags of different weight, fraction and delivered to any European country.



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