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 korobka3Our company produces and sells bio-energy goods. We represent manufacturers of charcoal from Ukraine and we offer the best quality lump charcoal produced by using the law-temperature pyrolysis method.
 All our products correspond to the European quality standards.  Managed correctly, charcoal as a cooking fuel can be an environmentally sustainable and inexpensive fuel to complement your everyday cooking. Nowadays charcoal is widely used when cooking in jospers.

   That’s why we pay attention to the place of origin of our products. It is very important that our charcoal is produced of the wood which originates western part of Ukraine namely the Carpathian Mountains.
   Our charcoal is made of solid wood - oak, hornbeam, beech.
   The charcoal offered by our manufacturers is highly combustible, smokeless and odorless. It has high heat emission which leads to long burning term. Our charcoal has no chemical additives or binding agents. It has a dense structure which ensures it’s integrity during transportation. It has light weight, maximum carbon content, no smoke, no odor, no spark .
   Volumes, prices, quality certificates, photos of prepared products and conditions of deliveries are ready to be offered and discussed at a request and in short time.
   We offer a sample to our clients for a test. We do not want to convince You, we invite You to make sure of the quality of our products by Yourself.

   Our company has solutions how to avoid collisions with documentation which other foreign businesses are facing while working with Ukrainian companies.
   Choosing cooperation with us You will be pleasantly surprised by European quality at the Ukrainian price.
   Our goal is a satisfied customer. We’ll offer You the most optimal solutions.      

    We shall make sure we give You all information You need.

    Please, contact us for more details.

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