European Standard Product

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Technical characteristics

Our charcoal is produced of the wood which originates western part of Ukraine namely the     Carpathian Mountains.

It is manufactured of solid wood -  oak, hornbeam, beech. It has a dense structure which ensures it’s integrity during transportation.

It has no chemical additives or binding agents.

Material              - Hardwood

Type                   - Hardwood charcoal

Features            - Smokeless,Odorless,Sparkless

Application        - BBQ,Hosper,Grill

Carbon content    86- 92%

Hardness              90 - 92 %

Calorific value    8000-8350kcal

Moisture                 3-6%

Ash content        1,5 -2 %

Volatile                8,6 - 13%

Burning time        3,5 hours

Fraction of coal  - 20 – 250mm

We offer a sample to our clients for a test. We do not want to convince You, we invite You to make sure of the quality of our product  by Yourself.



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